About Bethlehem Ayurveda Centre...

Mr George John, with  his long 31 years of clean service in the Police force he made strict discipline both his life and work field. He keeps ethics & kind-heartedness thoughts about the society with simple life style always. His eventual vision recognized that the most direct way to experience a fuller life is to serve the poor & needy people” (those who cannot perform according to the acceleration of the human race) for that he started his social service with St.Mary’s charitable trust. In short time he realized hospital care is the most needed area for the populace and decided to start a traditional Indian Ayurveda speciality hospital with Kerala Panchakarma treatments. The hospital was formed as the fulfilment of a long cherished dream of his beloved wife Mrs. Marykutty George with a view of giving holistic treatment for the ailing mankind comprising body, mind & soul.

Bethlehem Ayurveda Speciality hospital & research centre is a 20 bedded sanatorium, located at the east part of Kochi, Kerala, India. Being secluded from the rush and noise of the town, a calm and peaceful atmosphere for the relaxation of body and mind prevails here.

Mr George John, Chairman& Managing Director of Bethlehem Ayurveda Speciality Hospital & Research Centre, promises that his team will remain faithful to good standards and principles in both beliefs and actions all the time.

Dr. Alex M George MS (Ay), who is the central pillar & Chief Physician of this institution, has done his 5 1/2 years bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda-BAMS from JSS Ayurveda Medical College, Mysore, Karnataka (Top most college in Karnataka state) with excellent performance and rank from the university. He did his 3 years post graduation MS in Shalya tantra (Ancient Indian Surgery & Marma). He made his own platform for treating various diseases with great success at younger age itself. Dr. Alex believes “A surgeon should have a heart of lion, eyes of a hawk and hands of a woman”. He was Assistant Professor in Ayurveda Medical College with good teaching experience & presented many scientific papers on CME(Continuing Medical Education programs) organized by the Department of AYUSH under Government of India. In addition he is doing many research co-ordination works on various diseases which has no solution with modern science.
Dr. Nitha Varghese completed her Bachelor degree in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from Mahatma Gandhi University (upmost university in Kerala) with good experience in Ayurvedic Management of Gynaecological and Respiratory Disorders. She believes hard work and determination is the only way to success. Her dedication to the science and society is extending to Bethlehem Ayurveda Speciality Hospital & Research Centre as the director of the Research & Development department.
An expert team of doctors totally dedicated to curative result oriented Ayurvedic practices. It always finds satisfaction in case studies and applying the scientific knowledge to the betterment of Ayurveda and to the society as “Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu” (may the Lord bless the whole world with eternal peace and good will)